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Pups Party

Libby Preiss

Pups Party

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Libby was given complete creative freedom for our first COLLAB. Her only restriction: to include KILLER in the imagery. Having just rescued a pup named Leeloo, Libby was inspired to create Pups Party. The playful pups were based on the loopy goofiness Leeloo brought to her household.

Limited edition of 50 prints / 18”x24” / Four color screenprint / 80lb French Paper Co / Grout Gray / Signed and numbered



Libby Preiss grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and currently resides in Los Angeles where she works as a freelance artist and designer. She graduated from Art Center College of Design with honors in 2013. Libby enjoys creating work that is bright, joyous, and a little wacky. When she isn’t hiking through the mountains or building sand castles, Libby likes to explore a variety of mediums including hand printing on fabrics, paper cut outs, and painting.


Quote that inspires you?

“Never do anything by halves if you want to get away with it. Be outrageous. Go with the hog. Make sure everything you do is completely crazy it’s unbelievable.”
- Roald Dahl, from the story Matilda

Album or Podcast you are currently listening to?

Radiolab is my favorite Podcast

What is your favorite thing to put on your toast?

When I’m behaving myself i enjoy avocado and tomato slices on my toast, and when I’m being honest...lets just turn this toast into a fried egg and cheese sandwich and stop kidding ourselves

Favorite place you’ve never been?

Iceland. Who doesn't want to dip their toes into an Icelandic mud pool, watch the northern lights, hike across a glacier, and watch a volcano everyone wants that!

What is your favorite coffee beverage?

I love a nice latte especially when the barista’s paint me frothy pictures in the foam.

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